Through events, parties, fundraisers, and more, 100's Luxury Water Bottles help bring awareness and raise funds for charitable causes.

100 For All's Luxury Water is designed to embody the true value of water. From start to finish our product is carefully crafted to the highest standards while remaining 100% eco-friendly. We are proud to say the process takes place right here in the USA. Our water is treated by a state-of-the-art, 13-step filtration process to provide the smoothest, most refreshing taste possible. After our water meets our team's luxury standards, it is packaged in our signature glass bottles for your drinking pleasure.

Why $100? For many regions around the world, water contamination (as opposed to scarcity) is the major issue. $1 can provide an individual in an affected region with safe drinking water for roughly 1 year. $100 can provide a family of 5 to 10 with access to safe, sustainable drinking water for as long as these water sources are available. This is because 100 For All uses innovative and cost-effective biosand filtration systems to generate sustainable clean water solutions. The price includes training, delivery, sanitation, set up, and all the materials needed for the installation of the biosand filters. In a sense, a single bottle bought represents your contribution to an entire family's livelihood.



Whether you are purchasing one bottle to help a family in need or want more to class up your next event, the impact will always be there. Our Luxury Water bottles make for a great gift and help enhance the atmosphere of your event when plastic bottles won’t do. What better way to give back than life's most precious resource: clean water.

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100 Luxury Water bottles are the perfect way to fundraise for a cause close to your heart. Clients have elevated their events with our Luxury Water at events, bars, clubs, dinners, fashion presentations, gift bags, and more to raise funds for our combined mission to do good.


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